This is a short list of fixes and features we plan to implement in Plan 9 from Bell Labs and Plan 9 from User Space. This list is not exhaustive and will likely change in the future.

Plan 9 from Bell Labs

Components Description Type
/sys/src/cmd/fossil Fix Fossil deadlock during snapshot. See stack traces with the original and the new Fossil. Fixed
/sys/src/cmd/replica Fix the problem which happened on 2011-11-09 and caused pull to return only after 78 minutes. Bug
Add authentication (SRP) support in the Venti protocol. Feature
Add encryption (SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0) support in the Venti protocol. Feature
Add compression (deflate, thwack) support in the Venti protocol. Feature
/sys/src/libventi/rpc.c Rewrite /sys/src/libventi/rpc.c using /sys/src/libmux. Feature
/sys/src/cmd/fossil Work on the tasks marked "BUG" and "TODO". Feature
/sys/src/cmd/fossil Replace QLock with Channel from libthread. Feature
/sys/src/cmd/fossil Add unvac command in fossilcons, to import a Vac archive in the Fossil hierarchy. Feature
Rewrite NAT either as user space program (like 6in4) or as kernel space devnat (like devbridge) Feature
/sys/src/cmd/upas Merge upas with plan9port. Merge
/sys/src/cmd/faces Merge faces with plan9port. Merge

Plan 9 from User Space

Components Description Type
/src/cmd/fossil Add fossilcons support Requirement
/src/cmd/fossil Add Plan 9 partitions support, like /src/cmd/venti/srv/part.c. Requirement
Update manuals to reflect plan9port differences with Plan 9. Requirement
/src/cmd/venti Fix graphs in Venti httpd. Bug

Merges always imply to work on both Plan 9 from Bell Labs and Plan 9 from User Space. Merges are often "three-way". If a component A evolved in B in Plan 9 and C in plan9port, the Plan 9 history gives the A2B patch, the plan9port history gives the A2C patch. Basically, the merge is applying A2C to Plan 9, applying A2B to plan9port and keeping the smallest B2C (or C2B) set of platform differences. Of course, it is never that easy. There are often incompatible changes and choices have to be made.